Fate Western - Setting

Towns do not suddenly spring to life overnight. They take time to develop. Most are usually formed by a collective of prospectors lucky enough to strike gold or silver. Some of these settlements continue to grow at surprisingly high rates because of the sheer volume of claims or the amount of natural resources available to the community. These are labeled as Boomtowns. Settlements lacking such expansion are doomed to collapse and eventually become ghost towns.


A small, wooded mountain range rises from the Great Plains. Thick forests of Ponderosa Pine cover the hillsides, with spruce and Douglas fir located in the northern hills, lush mountain meadows scattered throughout, and dry grassland, scrub pine, and juniper in the south. Game is abundant. Trout and other fish swim in the creeks, while the forests and grasslands offer good habitat for buffalo, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mountain lions, prairie dogs and other animals.
The Black Hills are an “island of trees in a sea of grass,” considered sacred by the Sioux Indians who live there, and by many other Great Plains Indian tribes. This has led to numerous clashes between Indians and white settlers and prospectors scouring the hills for gold.

History of the Area
The Town of Shady Gulch

Fate Western - Setting

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