The saloon stinks of whiskey, beer, and unwashed bodies. A saloon girl with a pretty voice sings Red River Valley in time with a tuneless piano. Or maybe it’s the piano player that’s out of sync. A high stakes poker game is going on in the back.The last chips are bet. The hands are played. The gambler wins again, his full boat beating the cowboy’s aces and eights. A chuckle. A curse. A cry of “cheat!” Wood scrapes wood as chairs are pushed back and hands scrapes wood as chairs are pushed back and hands slap leather. A gun goes off, followed by a scream, and then a thud as a body hits the floor. Dead. Someone calls for the sheriff. Someone calls for a rope. Which one arrives first? Maybe you can help decide.

Welcome to Shady Gulch.

I have looked and looked for an existing Wild West RPG, but for one reason or another, they just don’t work. So I said F-ck it and went to work on this. I also plan on expanding it for Modern Games and possibly even future Space Opera games, but more on that later for now it is what it is. ENJOY,

Dicey Tales of the Wild Westerns

Wild wild west Drippy